Femme Country Magazine

Femme Country magazine is a luxury country, fashion and lifestyle publication and media brand enlightening a rural to city readership. Published quarterly, Femme Country concentrates on showcasing poignant stories and cutting-edge brands. From the front covers to the interior pages design, Femme Country translates true stories, highlights brands, initiates trends, formulates recipes and excites products.

Magazines can be purchased through our several country stockists and general stores or bought directly online through single back copies or through our annual subscriptions


The Femme Country Magazine Annual Subscription gives you the opportunity to receive each issue, released on a quarterly basis, direct to your desired address each season. Each magazine is a window into new collections for the upcoming season, contemporary stories, unique style edits, delicious recipes and so much more! The Annual Subscription allows you to remove any reminders you may have in your calendars to purchase each issue at a time and gives you access to the newest issue release as soon as it launches. 


The UK’s luxury country, fashion and lifestyle Publication and Media Brand enlightening a rural to city readership