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We introduce you to the leading female team behind the creation of Femme Country Magazine and the country events which advocate women inside the rural sector.

Woven with country life, fuelled with fashion fervour and read with spirit, Femme Country Magazine is the publication championing womanhood in all acres of the countryside. Every page footprints on a diverse section of the industry as we share business stories, personal ventures, paramount perspectives, sublime style and aspiring advice. From farmers, to founders, to fashion designers we concentrate on showcasing poignant stories and cutting-edge brands, driving to create a powerful writer to reader relationship.

Founding the publication in 2019, the magazine filled a gap in the print market where I noticed a major shortage of both established and small business country brands. Fixated also on the lack of female publicity in the press surrounding the rural sector, change needed to occur and I made sure that Femme Country Magazine was the catalyst of this.

Femme Country Magazine has created some of the most captivating campaigns for women in the country, but who exactly are the team behind the destination for quintessential country content? In fast changing times, my team remain five steps ahead connecting you as the reader to new brands and like-minded women through captivating and influential content across different country landscape categories.

Currently an all-female run company, the Femme Country team is bound by exceptional communication, co-operation and candor. We recognise a brand or profile’s distinctiveness and character, composing feature articles and advertising to mirror their style and fulfil marketing requirements. By formulating personal relationships, our team construct eloquent print and digital content, designed with expertise and reflective of the Femme Country ethos.

Lydia Binks is the Features Assistant here at Femme Country, but operates in many unique departments of the publication. Lydia manages our editorial and advertorial enquiries, liaising with brands to make sure they secure the best space inside the magazine for the upcoming season. Previously working for The British Horse Society as their Marketing Co-Ordinator, Lydia executes her passion and vast knowledge of the Equine industry with our equestrian clients. With a brand conscious mind, she is very skilled at observing the best strategy for our enquiring clients, helping them to expand their reach from a digital and print perspective. Lydia enjoys spending her weekends at events with her own horse, alongside walking her adorable Dachshund, called Moreton.

“I have been a part of the Femme Country Team for just over one year now and what an experience it has been. I love the fact that each month I am doing something different with the magazine. Brontë is such a supportive boss, who is always ensuring I am a part of the company and fulfilling my passion. I have had so much opportunity to work with a wide range of amazing brands and have so many more lined up for the future. I have had the chance to be a part of the annual country fashion show, attend some fantastic events and even been a part of a photoshoot. I am very much looking forward to 2023 with Femme Country Magazine.”

Lydia Binks, Features Assistant

Our Editorial Girls make up such an imperative and big piece of the Femme Country team jigsaw. With two contributing writers and a diverse array of freelancers, our team produce leading content to the highest degree, setting trends, informing and shaping the world in which we live in. I couldn’t be more proud to have an inspirational list of women on our editorial masthead.

Kicking the list off with a name you may already know, Lizzie McLaughlin is the Lifestyle Contributing Writer at Femme Country, but has found herself working with the magazine on many different platforms. Lizzie angles her articles on the subjects of fashion and lifestyle with a contemporary rural twist. Whilst her background doesn’t originate in the country or agricultural sectors, she thoroughly enjoys lunging herself into the industry, whether this be milking cows in the parlour or getting her hands stuck into the lambing season. Something you should know about Lizzie however, is that style will follow her – no matter how muddy the occasion. Her most frequent articles include a review of her recent trip to Iceland, and a very relatable anecdote about how to pack for farm activities.

“As a girl proud to have grown up in a town, I have now found myself firmly rooted in the countryside. Writing a lifestyle column for Femme Country Magazine has allowed me to combine my passions for agriculture and fashion, and given me the opportunity to share my experiences; working on a farm, touring the country, and learning about brands I never knew existed. The Femme Country team have continued to support and celebrate strong, independent women within the country sector and I’m so proud to be a part of this.”

Lizzie McLaughlin, Lifestyle Contributing Writer

Bonnie Baker is one of the most recent writers to enter the Femme Country team, with her first introductory article being published inside the Autumn Issue of 2022. Her seasonal columns peer through a rural lense as she covers everything from supporting British farming, to countryside occurrences that spark on each seasonal change. As a farmer’s daughter herself, Bonnie grew up learning the ‘ins and outs’ of the agricultural industry and the wonders it has to offer. Her columns will follow eloquently on from her country Instagram account where she celebrates the original custodians of the countryside, and with her spirit to educate those intrigued by the sector, we are so excited to have as part of the editorial team.

“I had been a loyal reader of Femme Country Magazine for a while before Brontë and I connected in the Summer of 2022, to discuss the opportunity to collaborate. It had long been a dream of mine to see my name in print, and I’m delighted have begun this journey inside the pages of Femme Country Magazine. As a farmer’s daughter with a passion for the countryside, I’ve always enjoyed connecting with like-minded people, so integrating with their readership has been a lovely experience too.”

Bonnie Baker, Rural Countryside Contributing Writer

I’m so honoured to work alongside such powerful, talented ladies, who not only inspire our circulation, but also myself everyday! Their writing and work combines to bound Femme Country Magazine into the extraordinary, engaging and enlightening publication you read today. To get in touch with my team today, whether this be to enquire about featuring inside or to simply have a personal chat, head to the Contact Page today and get in touch.

Looking to join the team or become a contributing writer for Femme Country Magazine? We would love to hear from you! Fill in the form below and we will get back to you with the next steps!

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