The Country Muse Runway Event | Official Brochure


Couldn’t make The Country Muse Runway Event, and have the fear of missing out? For a limited time only you can purchase the Official Brochure from evening of The Country Muse Runway as a collectors item. If you’re wondering what’s inside imagine a mini version of Femme Country Magazine which showcases all the sponsors from fashion show, some newly released collections, and a look into the inspirational ladies who modelled on the runway. 

Our 28-page fashion show brochure includes a look into the brand stories of each of our sponsors and a preview of some of their new collections. Brands include Joules, Welligogs, Equidae London, Maude & Fox, Preloved Country Clothing, Bernie & Blue, Waring Brooke, Hare & Heather, Jarvis & Co Jewellery and Moira Johnston Hypnotherapy. As well as showcasing our brands, the brochure introduces our 19 diverse models who represent so many unique areas of the country landscape and each in turn modelled our brands so eloquently. You won’t want to miss out on who was on the runway!

Printed in exactly the same quality as our publication, this will be a piece not to miss from your collection. Each brochure comes with a free sample of designer perfume, and a range of brand leaflets and brochures, some featuring exclusive discount codes to shop with your favourite brands!

We only have a limited amount available, so make sure to grab one whilst you can – before they sell out!