Issue 20: Winter 2023 | Crowberry Wood


Draped in red, we’re delighted to reveal our last magazine for the year, and my have we gone out with a bang! This is an issue which encapsulates everything we love about the festive season, from decking the halls, to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, to sparkling head to toe in fashion! This edition celebrates the magic of the season and the empowerment of the ladies behind many of your favourite brands.

Get a front row seat to our cover story as we go through the door of lifestyle store and boutique, Crowberry Wood. Stepping into this shop is like tumbling down the rabbit hole alongside Alice, you become mesmerised by the quirky vibrance of the upside down interiors and kaleidoscope of fashion which enchant the rooms. But beyond the stylish rails and charming displays, Crowberry Wood stands as a testament to the power of women in business, and we’re delighted to be shining a light on them this season!

As well as multiple Christmas guides, a three-course set up for Winter recipes and a delve into the best rustic interiors for your home this season, we have so much on offer inside our Winter 2023 Issue and we can’t wait for you to dive in with a mulled wine and a mince pie by you side!